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Having worked in the Water Industry for 10 years prior to setting up Scarlet Computing Ltd with a bias on mechanical engineering and a lengthy involvement with process engineering on both clean and dirty water treatment we are able to offer a technical authoring service.

We can generate Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Training Manuals, Commissioning Manuals, Lifting Manuals and Project Management Data.

We have experience in site commissioning and have a strong understanding of PLC control and integrated SCADA systems and networking and the procedures required to get software signed off by the client.  We have experience of commissioning SCADA systems with alarm generation both at the HMI and SCADA workstation and via Telemetry.

We are aware of ISO9001 procedures and the importance of accurate and complete record keeping.  We have completed a large number of manuals over the past 10 years and been involved in assessment of sites to project the next AMP period spend.

We are able to utilise a large pool of engineers who now find themselves self employed or indeed unemployed as a result of the recent economic issues.