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Training materials have been written and utilised over the past 10 years to train hundreds of people in how to get the best from Microsoft Office Products.

Courses Exist for: Excel (Advanced and Intermediate), Word (Advanced Techniques), Access and Microsoft Projects.

The courses are written in such a manner that they can be delivered as classroom, one to one or desktop products.

The materials are clear and include step by step instructions on how to use the techniques included so that a delegate can repeat the process in their own time after the training to assist in rationalising the material.

A CD copy of the media is provided with a blank and tutor version of all data to ensure that a valid comparison can be made by the delegate on completing the desktop course.

Bespoke training materials can be compiled to cover the use of custom software implemented in larger businesses should the need arise.

Training at this level is charged in day rates commencing at 250 / day + Expenses.  It is advised that a maximum class size of 8 is considered to ensure each delegate gets a suitable amount of attention during the session.  Training sessions are set to 3 hours including 2 x 10 minute breaks to keep attention spans sensible.